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We are a CRM testing company that ensures your brand name isn’t jeopardized.

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We have experienced professionals at Appsierra who specialize in testing in a variety of domains:






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CRM Testing Services are undertaken at Appsierra

The Appsierra professionals have developed a suite of services to ensure uncompromised CRM quality.

Functional Testing

We'll double-check that your CRM characteristics meet all functional criteria, ensuring that everything works as it should.

Security Testing

We perform CRM security evaluation to find vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for security upgrades in order to ensure the safety of your CRM data.

Integration Testing

Our team will compare the CRM connectivity with several third-party business systems to confirm that no data is lost in moving CRM to other systems.

Test Automation

Our test automation specialists can create a turnkey automation solution that fulfills your exact requirements and integrates seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline to increase test coverage and reduce entire QA costs.

Performance Testing

Our engineers will test how your CRM handles peak and ongoing loads by simulating the behavior of multiple users using the platform simultaneously.

Compatibility Testing

We will compile a list of browsers, platforms, and operating systems required to be compatible with your CRM target environment and test your CRM for adaptability.

Data migration quality

We will ensure that the data has been effectively transferred from the legacy system to the new system, with no delays and discontinuity to your business activities.

Regression testing

We conduct regression tests to guarantee that newly added upgrades and features do not interfere with existing functioning.

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