What Is MFT Software? 10 Managed File Transfer Automation Software Tool


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What is Managed File Transfer(MFT) software?

Managed File Transfer Automation software allows the secure, submissive, and efficient exchange or transfer of data across any network. (MFT) Software in 2021 is developed on a file transfer protocol technology that is designed for adding management and security features for protecting data and balancing the delivery of data and files. By solutions support versatile file transfer protocol beyond the standard FTP and secure FTP(SFTP).

MFT tools could be used as both on-premises licensed software packages and software as a service (SaaS) solutions. The rich set of safety and management capacities power users for having end-to-end visibility and control, reporting, logs, and other audit trails, and data protection throughout the encryption procedure. Businesses leverage MFT solutions for automating, simplified, and streamlining file transfers.

Companies who need to transfer a large amount of data daily by maintaining security and compliance and served best with MFT tools. Usually, industries like banking and financial services, insurance, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing use MFT tools heavily. Top managed file transfer solutions are similar to file transfer protocol software where all types of tools promote the transfer of files and data. Nevertheless, MFT software has added security and management layers.

For ensuring quality for inclusion in the managed file transfer (MFT) category, a product must:

  1. Be built upon the FTP network protocol.
  2. Support multiple file transfer protocols beyond FTP and SFTP.
  3. Automate and ensure file transfer processes.
  4. Provide real-time reporting and operational clarity over file transfers in transit.
  5. Office security and encryption for protecting data in transit.
  6. Integrate with pre-existing protection infrastructure.

Key managed file transfer automation features

Below are the key managed file transfer automation features:

  1. Managed File Transfer Automation software solutions present more reliable data exchange using machine learning,
  2. Analytics, scheduling, alerting, and auditing features. 
  3. Using these tools you will get a lot of production-ready actions like move files, copy files, etc.
  4. These tools have some built-in checks for determining the successful transmission of files.
  5.  It has automatic transfer restart possibilities that could start the transfer upon detecting an error.
  6. It contains advanced parallel transfer features.
  7. Without back-to-back connections for the trading partners, FTP server bulk files and data could be transferred.

List of top 10 (MFT) Software Tools in 2021

Below is a list of the top 10 file transfer automation tools:

JSCAPE Managed File Transfer Server

For your file transfer and workflow processes, JSCAPE MFT Server is a single platform-independent Managed File Transfer Automation software solution. JSCAPE is a simple-to-use managed file transfer server that may be installed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment. Speed, security, dependability, and visibility are all priorities for JSCAPE.

ActiveBatch Workload Automation

The platform-agnostic MFT Server from ActiveBatch can handle any protocol, including several protocols from a single server. By offering a single point of control for all of their file transfer needs, users may simplify their file transfer environments. ActiveBatch can be used in any environment, including on-premises, in the cloud, and in a hybrid setup. 

Furthermore, ActiveBatch's Proactive Assistance Model distinguishes it from the other providers on our list by offering white-glove onboarding, quarterly health check reports discovering performance improvements, and 24/7 professional support.

IBM MFT (Microsoft File Transfer)

IBM MFT offers business file transfer solutions that are high-volume, dependable, and secure. It provides a highly versatile platform that allows data transmission and a variety of communication protocols and is accessible on-premises or in the hybrid cloud.

IBM Sterling File Gateway, IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager, IBM Sterling Secure File Gateway, IBM Sterling Control Center, and more MFT solutions are available.

Pro2col Managed File Transfer

The best-managed file transfer services are provided by Pro2col controlled file transfer software. It also ensures that your data is stored in a safe and secure environment, eliminating the risk of data loss. You'll have unrestricted access to your data from any computer or laptop connected to the internet.

GlobalSCAPE Software Enhanced File Transfer (EFT)

One of the most powerful managed file transfer systems on this list is Globalscape File Transfer. It's built to satisfy the needs of multinational corporations. You can securely transmit, integrate, and convert data between people, systems, and applications using the Globalscape EFT solution.EFT Enterprise and EFT Express are the two options available. The former is better suited for businesses with complicated file transfer requirements, while the latter is best suited for sophisticated automated file transfer software, military-proven security, and stability in basic use cases.

GoAnywhere MFT

Using a single enterprise-level solution, the GoAnywhere is a top managed file transfer system that protects and automates file movement. It enables organizations to connect to internal and external systems as well as exchange data securely utilizing industry-standard protocols such as OpenPGP, AES, FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS, AS2, and GPG.

It works with daily applications like EDI and cloud integration, in addition to safeguarding data transfers. It can help you save time and money while also improving security and meeting compliance standards. Windows, Linux, AIX, and IBM are all supported.

Coviant Diplomat MFT

It's a wonderful option for individuals searching for a dependable automated file transfer software solution for managing file transfers in their organizations. It has the capacity to drastically reduce the amount of time spent on the internet business. It uses OpenPGP, secure FTP (SFTP and FTPS), SMTP, and SQL to seamlessly integrate with your IT infrastructure. The diplomat is a secure managed file transfer solution that provides file transfer administrators with the tools they need to swiftly resolve technical difficulties with secure file transfers.


MOVEit MFT is an open-source framework created by Ipswitch, Inc. to assist businesses in reducing the risks of organizational mobility. It ensures operational dependability and compliance with SLAs by providing security, central access restrictions, file encryption, and tracking. 

It allows for sophisticated workflow automation without the need for scripting. This tool offers a flexible design that allows you to pick and choose whatever features you want, ensuring that the solution is tailored to your company's needs.

Cleo MFT

Cleo is a cloud-based integration tool that allows customers to manage and optimize key ecosystem integration activities. It provides visibility into EDI, non-EDI, and API integrations from start to finish.

This offers technical and business users the assurance they need to quickly enroll trading partners, allow application integration, and speed up revenue-generating business processes. This program is designed to transmit files between many businesses.

Accellion MFT

Accellion MFT provides safe file transfer process automation, as well as agents to execute difficult operations at scale. All of this without ever having touched a computer. It has improved security and governance while revolutionizing secure managed file transfer solution. Automation Server, Automation Client, Hardened Virtual Appliance, Governance, Security Analytics, and Automated File Scanning are all tools for managing file transmission.


Traditional file transfer software like FTP servers cannot offer robust data transfer security, SLA monitoring automated workflows, and high volumes of file transfer activity.It is the main reason why the majority of businesses are moving towards MFT vendors. MFT allows companies to reliably transferring data between systems and people in a very secure way. MFT is reliable as well as an efficient way for securing data and file transfer.

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