7 Best Test Automation Services Providers In India


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Test automation is one of the extensively approved testing processes during which an outstanding software different from the software being tested, is utilized to control the implementation of tests as well as the comparison of real consequences with expected results. This procedure enforces some of the tedious but important testing tasks that are already in place or executes additional testing that is hard to be accomplished manually.

Test automation is a beneficial way to enhance the development method of a software product and we provide these services. We are capable of running quick and repeatedly, automated tests are cost-effective and have a giant sustenance life. When these tests are completed in a vibrant setting, these must respond rapidly to ever-changing software systems and prerequisites. There is also no limitation on adding the recent test cases as these can be added in proportion to the software’s development.

Test automation service providers

A number of IT and non-IT firms are already immersed in the release of this procedure. However, with the increasing demand, several more corporations are exclusively engaged in the release of test automation and so are pertained to as test automation firms. Let’s look at the test automation services providing companies:


Testbytes is a major software test automation corporation in India which gives detailed testing service, incorporating a different strategy to testing within projects, test automation, testing mobile apps, app life-cycle management consultancy, etc. The enviable track record of delivering test solutions and services on time has enabled them to be one of the prominent testing companies in India.

Testbytes largely focus to enhance productivity and assist customers to stimulate software product development or service delivery. As part of this, the corporation proposes top-end company consulting, resourcing services, and execution. Including a passionate team, Testbytes is aided by an affectionate center of quality that utilizes the latest testing tools and reducing-edge technologies. Bonded with management priority, this firm is a difficult mixture to guarantee significance to you.


Cognizant is a multinational company that is fascinated by granting digital, technology, consulting, and systems services. One of their core regions of aptitude is quality assurance. With the primary improvement seen in the development of technology in the form of tablets, smartphones and new operating systems that require to be updated frequently, test automation and quality control have a crucial role to play. Thus, the professionals at Cognizant are aspired at increasing the growth initiatives of the company, deliver credible support across diverse hardware and software, test infrastructure as well as assure test coverage.

Some of the primary businesses they serve comprise life sciences, insurance,  manufacturing, technology, media and entertainment, retail, transportation, and logistics as well as travel and hospitality, to name some.


Hexaware Technologies Limited (HTL) is a Navi Mumbai established data technology and industry process outsourcing service delivering company that was founded in 1990. Proposing a collection of software services in sectors such as banking and financial services, travel and transportation, healthcare and insurance, and manufacturing, the firm has a domain in enterprise solutions, digital assurance, infrastructure management services, application transformation management, digital and industry process services, etc.

In the words of Hexaware’s existence in test automation, it has an incorporated design to enforce solutions. This comprises everything from test case design and scripting to test implementation and defect logging. Even the most complicated and crucial assignments are automated trying this process. Apart from these, some other advantages comprise optimization, intelligence, and automation to test design. It is also understood that this implementation solution operates to a high level of consumer experience and adds value in several other areas such as minor delivery time, lessened costs, and high manageability.


Appsierra is a firm that delivers developmental solutions and opportunities for development that gives you the software that you truly require. Our amazing services in digital technology, consulting, test automation technology, and operations propel us in providing transformational solutions.

The testing team at Appsierra helps the customer companies to inaugurate some modern technology in this fast-paced world. This is owing to the testing team’s proficiency to assist corporations to be sure of the product quality provided by us as well as propose a seamless consumer experience. For us, customer satisfaction is a priority. So come and get in touch with us!!


Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Cigniti Technologies is the world’s major firm that has walked into assistance autonomous software testing services. With its test services proposed in advisory and transformation, quality engineering, next-generation testing, and core testing, the corporation also concentrates on making use of “SMART Tools” that can speed up testing as well as help enhance the quality of services provided to consumers.


A French multinational data technology consulting company, Capgemini is one of the prominent providers of IT services such as outsourcing, IT consulting, and further professional services. Proposing the adequate and leading test automation company to its customers, test automation lives at the center of the testing technique so that the products can maintain responsively and DevOps methods of application development.

Few of the test automation services required by Capgemini comprise test automation examination and ROI analysis, tool evaluation and suggestions, framework execution, scripting, and implementation, etc.


An Indian multinational company, Infosys Limited is a global leader in proposing industry consulting, data technology, and outsourcing services in various parts of the world. The test automation services required by the company to its customers are not at all informal. These are enforced to the client’s absolute satisfaction and enable them to assure that the products and services provided in the market surpass the expected quality criterion.

Though there are a ton of firms that want to shift to test automation, the truth is that a majority of the institutions still do not have test automation in position. Due to insufficient testing, companies find themselves expending a lot of time prioritizing and resolving current problems as and when they are reported by consumers.

Companies are required to understand the significance of test automation today. When corporations realize they desire to invest in test automation to keep up with the quality of their product, the central interest is that they do not need to compromise the timelines of their delivery cycle. They expect to evaluate the price of setup and performance of test automation services to figure out if there will be any recovery on the enterprise in the long run.

Today, more than ever, firms require to keep scraping out new characteristics and most of the time, before the opponent, which implies they can not risk wasting a lot of time on pursuing all the thorough testing methods every single time there is a release.

So, in the future, it is not just the institutions that are required to adjust a test automation solution suit for the necessities but the test automation tools that need to be improved keeping the ROI in mind.

Two things for sure need to be dealt with in the future of automation testing:

  1. Improving the automation test plan or coverage as much as possible
  2. Creating test automation small complicated and time-consuming

Let’s see below how different types of automation testing are going to change in the future:

  • Exploratory Testing
  • Microservices Testing
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Continuous Testing
  • In-sprint Automation
  • Scriptless Test Automation
  • Crowdsourcing etc.


There is plenty of work running in the area of artificial intelligence and the software test automation business is certain to catch up, there are presently tools already on-demand that are certified by AI core that aid in the production and maintenance of automated test cases.

In the future of test automation, artificial intelligence will facilitate the innovation of automated test cases with minimum action and the test cases will strengthen themselves automatically. With tools like Appsierra, the future of test automation looks brilliant, because it is a full package for anyone that is looking for a product that does not agree on quality and still circulates in the market on time. 

Appsierra has an AI core and authorizes test case production. Having unraveled the difficulties of test case creation and supervision, we also deliver integration with most of the prominent tools for CI/CD and reporting. Furthermore, we deliver test hosting on the cloud and a test lab on the cloud that requires a vast diversity of devices and determinations to test your applications on. Test automation is not a mission that would take plenty of energy and time. It just desires better concentration and priority of the individual performing it. 

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