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5 Non-Tech Founders of the World's Largest Tech Startups


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Key takeaway: Top 5 non-tech founders who shaped the world of tech startups

What do you think the secret recipe for a successful startup consists of? Is “technical skills” the main ingredient, or is it the ability to develop apps/websites? In today’s article, I’ve talked about the top 5 non-tech startup founders who shaped the tech startups worldwide. Throughout the article, we will discuss funding for startups, marketing strategy for startups, best startups, startups tech and you will realize – a non-tech background has nothing to do with your dream of a tech startup. This is what we feel about being at Appsierra.

So, let’s start.

Top 5 Non-Tech Founders Who Shaped The World Of Tech Startups

Top 5 Non-Tech Founders
Top 5 Non-Tech Founders 

Some top non tech founders who shaped the world of tech startups are as follows:

1. Brian Chesky

If you know what Airbnb is, you must know who Brian Chesky is. He’s a co-founder at Airbnb’s. He holds a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Industrial Design. Therefore, he worked as a designer at the start of his professional career. Continuous hard work paid off when The Time Magazine mentioned his name in the top 100 influential people. Isn’t it surreal?

Today, Airbnb is ranked #1 in the online hospitality industry. In January 2017, Airbnb invested in Resy, a hotel reservation app with important contributions from Gary Vaynerchuk and Mike Montero. In March 2019, Airbnb gained over USD 400 million by purchasing HotelTonight, a popular hotel booking site. Hence, from merely a designer in LA to a millionaire, Brian’s journey is truly inspirational.

2. Melody McCloskey

Melody McCloskey is the noble founder of StyleSeat. It’s the world’s #1 online appointment management system for stylists. Melody, along with StyleSeat’s co-founder Dan Lavine worked hard to provide solutions to the beauty industry. And that’s why StyleSeat received appointments worth USD 300 million pretty quickly.

The company has listings of over 200k stylists from over 15k countries. Isn’t it cool and amazing at the same time? We all know that happy endings always have a sad beginning. And Melody’s journey was no different. Earlier, her 3 startups of USD 300 each failed miserably. At that time, she thought of giving up. But her desire to help women find a stylist via a single click helped her to come out of failure. Hence, she took Beauty with a Purpose to a new level.

3. Tim Westergren

Tim Westergren proved that tech-startups with the founder having a tech background is not important. He is the founder and CEO of Pandora Radio. Talking about the founder himself, he is an engineer and a musician. He has a strong knowledge of the musical piece and the tech industry. He believed that everyone should follow their dreams and passions.

Before finding Pandora, he earned his living as a musician and a recorder. It was in 2010 when The Times Magazine named him among the top 1000 influential people in the world. The tag made him a key competitor in the music industry. However, he stepped down as the CEO in 2017 but still continues to lead and inspire everyone.

4. Alex Turnbull

“Slow and steady wins the race”. Do you follow this? If not, start following from today itself. This is because of this man, Alex Turnbull, the founder of Groove HQ. Groove HQ is a premier software startup cum company. He used to be a sketch artist in his childhood and in some phases of his adulthood too.

Like many of us, Alex is an avid surfer and a passionate software lover with zero technical skills. But somehow, with courage, he introduced a live chat feature. Thanks to his relentless efforts that today, Groove HQ earns millions per month. This made Groove draw in David Hauser, a noted entrepreneur, speaker, and angel investor.

5. Perri Gorman Chase

According to Perri, “I don’t know” is the best answer to every problem. Perri Gorman Chase is the proud founder of It offers the world’s nicest email unsubscribing services to get your inbox cleaned. Since she had a non-tech background, she used to hire engineers and developers to get her vision turned into a reality. But that’s okay, she used to tell this to herself every time.

Hence, if you have enough focus and determination, nothing can stop you. With minimal engineering basics, she started the company we all are finding beneficial. So, if you’re from a non-tech background, no need to worry. There’s definitely something in store for you. You just have to think like a pro and everything will get back on track.

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