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Written By :Appsierra

Tue Jul 11 2023

5 min read

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In 2022?

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Before starting any new business the very first question that crosses the business owners minds is how to build an app that is within their budget and also supports their idea and generates the desired ROI (Return On Investments). Now the making cost of an app depends on various factors and it also differs based on the platform on which you want to release the app. Be it a mobile app or a web app, the costing will vary accordingly. 

There have been many surveys carried out for identifying and defining cost slabs against the development of any application based on the business requirements and development complexities. Following are a few statistics that we have consolidated based on such surveys.

However these are not the exact costs and the actual numbers might vary as per your idea of app development. This is to provide you a brief idea of what the current market cost expectations are when one goes out looking for an app development business. 

1. Basic App Development: 

$40,000 to $150,000 with the development duration defined upto 6 months.

2. Complex App Development: 

$300,000 onwards. Such application projects range upto a duration of more than 9 months. 

There are minor cost variations possible based on the development platform i.e., web or mobile. Sometimes the business demands cross-platform applications where the average cost parameters get increased.

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Various Factors That Are Considered While Calculating An App Development Cost

As shown in the above image, there are some crucial parameters that are taken into account before devising a cost value for an application to be developed. These are:

1. The platform for which the application is to be made. In the case of mobile applications, it is checked if the requirement is for only android operating systems or iOS or both. Based on this platform selection further parameters are accessed accordingly.
In case of web applications it is important to identify if the business requirement is for a static application or a dynamic one. Also in case of having a responsive web application, build charges get increased accordingly. 

2. Design complexity is another important aspect which contributes highly in deciding a price value for any application. Based on the count of screens your application is going to have, the resource allocation is decided from the development team’s end. Also, if your business requirement has any payment gateways integration needs then the costs of third party alliances is also taken into account. 

3. Having security protocols deployed within your application is also taken into account depending upon the design complexity. 

4. Requirement of quality assurance phase. This phase requires a complete separate team and a set of resources to be allocated which needs proper budgeting. Hence this calculation also goes into the overall costing of your mobile/web application. 

5. Number of features and functionalities to be embedded in the application determines how much total bandwidth in terms of human hands and hours would be needed to build the application. Accordingly the resources are hired, wages are decided and the application costing is prepared.

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Different Types Of Applications And Their Estimated Costs By 2022

Around 80% of a day’s time for a human being is spent using mobile applications doing various activities. It has been predicted that by the year 2026 the mobile application industry market will increase by approx. 18.2%. The type of application going out there on Google play or apple play stores is also a contributing factor in determining the average cost bars of applications. 

Cost To Build An App In 2022
Cost To Build An App In 2022

Below is the list of different types of applications and the average cost slabs in developing the same:

TypeCost Slab
  1. Social Media Applications
Starts from $50,000 and goes to $300,000
  1. Basic Mobile Applications
Starts from $30,000 and goes upto $300,000
  1. Intermediate Android Applications
Starts from $50,000 and goes upto $300,000
  1. iPhone Applications
Starts from $55,000 and goes upto $300,000
  1. Web Applications
Starts from $60,000 and goes upto $300,000
  1. Restaurant Business Applications
Starts from $40,000 and goes upto $150,000
  1. Healthcare Industry Applications
Starts from $55,000 and goes upto $300,000
  1. E-Commerce Applications
Starts from $30,000 and goes upto $180,000
  1. Dating Applications
Starts from $50,000 and goes upto $350,000
  1. Online Delivery Applications (Like Food Delivery Apps)
Starts from $40,000 and goes upto $150,000


Other than the type of application that you require for your business, the cost factor also varies depending upon your country, region or the country where the application will be used once developed and rolled out in the play stores.

Based on the recent studies and researches in this domain it has been observed that the USA ranks higher in costing for applications as the wage rate of this country is the largest among the other countries. On second rank comes the UK followed by other countries like Australia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and then India on the 6th position. 

Options You Can Explore As A Business Owner For Developing Your Application

To meet the budget constraints allocated for your application project, you can opt for the below mentioned options for the development of your application. These are as follows:

1. Hiring a local agency or service provider for the development of your application as per your business and software requirements

2. Building your own in-house team of developers. This option saves on a huge amount of developing cost for your company as you do not need to pay big amounts to the developers and engineers outside of your organization. 

3. Hiring a set of freelancers to fulfil your need of application development based on the required skills and expertise levels. 

4. Having contract based employees till the completion of the application development project. In corporate sectors there is a defined terminology for this technique which is known as Outsourcing.


Once you are ready with your idea of developing an application, it is wise and moreover very essential to discuss security related, design related, business related and other aspects of the domain with your team of stakeholders and board of members to arrive at a business suitable cost slab. Accordingly work on hiring the suitable team of developers considering all the above mentioned parameters. Ultimately the sole focus is to get the desired outcomes at the best possible prices.

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