E-commerce Testing For Online Shopping Portals: Things To Focus


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An insight into e-commerce testing

The number of online buyers is expected to reach a mark of 2.14 billion by 2021. The popularity of E-Commerce websites has grown in the last few years. This means that the requirements for E-Commerce testing have become more complicated and important. These requirements ensure that the E-Commerce websites correspond to the emerging changes in the environment. E-Commerce A/B testing is a process that helps to assess and evaluate the E-Commerce websites and applications. The process is conducted for the accurate operational functionality of these websites and to resolve any performance or security issues in them. E-Commerce testing is aimed at checking different specifications, functionalities, design, traits, pages (like the home page, about us, etc.), and features of the website. These features are prone to various risks and issues associated with the functioning of the website.

Important E-Commerce website test cases

Several types of testing, with test cases having scripted or non-scripted scenarios. They are created to check the functionalities of an E-Commerce website. Here are the important E-Commerce website test cases that the website testing team needs to focus on. This article will help you to know the test cases for online shopping websites or the test scenarios for online shopping website. So you should know the test scenarios for online shopping website. 

General test cases

The general test cases for E-Commerce websites should be created thoughtfully and in a detailed way. You should make sure to pay attention to the minutest details. Commerce website. These details include the ease of navigation across the product categories, the interaction quality of the home page, or the picture of the product and its zooming qualities.

You should test the following features-

  1. Visibility of the product price, its category, the company logo, and the products’ description.
  2. The functionality of the website links and whether they redirect to the correct product or category pages.
  3. Ensure that the number of products listed on the category pages is correct.

Home page test cases

Apart from making the home pages of an E-Commerce website appealing, there are certain other features which you must ensure. A home page is a robust tool for marketing purposes. It acts as a profile space for your E-Commerce website. Hence, testing is a vital component at this stage. The quality assurance team needs to focus on the following essential features related to the homepage of a website-

  1. The time interval in which the images will be refreshed.
  2. Is the loading speed appropriate?
  3. Can the content of the home page be viewed effortlessly? The content includes various social media links, newsletters, banners, etc.
  4. Is the homepage cent percent responsive to different browsers and screen resolutions?

Search test cases

One of the most used options of an E-Commerce store is its search feature. Even if you make your E-Commerce website easy to navigate, there are certain categories which make it difficult for the customers to find a specific product. Here comes the importance of the search features, which helps the customers to locate products quickly without much hassle. To test the search feature, you should know certain important things. These are-

  1. Can the customer search for a product based on its brand name or product name?
  2. Is there different sort or filter options available based on various parameters like reviews, ratings, brand, price, etc?
  3. What is the number of results that can be displayed per page?

You should also keep in mind whether the customers can search for a product from the home page or from any other interior pages.

Recommended products

Many QA teams tend to neglect this part. However, this is one of the most crucial parts of the testing phase. After the purchases are made by the client, there is a follow-up session. This session includes various recommended items that the customers can purchase further. This is an important section because it can help to win customer loyalty in the long run. The important things which we need to check under the section include-

  1. Check whether the recommendations given to the customers are of relevant products that really interest them.
  2. Does the website show the recommendations immediately after the customers confirm the order they have made?


One of the crucial reasons why customers exit the website or online store without completing their purchases is unsuccessful or failed transactions. Hence, payment is one of the most crucial test cases for running a successful E-Commerce website. The important things, which you need to test on the payments page include the following

  1. Verify the different payment options from start to finish.
  2. Do the customers need to register before making payments? Or can they even check out as guests to make payments?
  3. Security testing ensures if the credentials of the customer and other financial information are stored in a secure way.
  4. Is there any order confirmation email or text message along with the order number once the order is completed?

Shopping cart

A shopping cart is also a crucial feature of an ECommerce website. Thus, it requires thorough testing. It helps the customers to easily select and store multiple items in their cart and purchase them all at once. Some of the main test cases which you should test in a shopping cart include-

  1. Whether all items and their totals are accurately displayed in the cart.
  2. Options that help to add items to the cart and continue shopping.
  3. Applicable taxes as per the location of different products.
  4. Accurate calculation of shipping costs along with the shipping procedure.
  5. Options that help to apply coupons to individual products.

Ecommerce testing: let’s wrap it up

E-commerce testing is not only about enhancing the security features of the websites. It is something more than this. E-commerce testing is performed to make each and every component of the platforms secure and functionally strong. The efficient security of your E-Commerce platforms can help you to identify and resolve multiple issues in advance. It further helps to avoid a number of financial risks, provide your services smoothly, and comply with the international standards to reduce cybercrimes. Thus, quick and effective testing can result in an exceptional customer experience leading to a profitable business. But quality issues with the E-Commerce website can result in dissatisfied customers and reduced marketing and sales opportunities.

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