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e2e test initiative with open mct

Key Takeaways:

  • Open MCT is a web-based, open-source mission control framework for data visualization on desktop and mobile devices. 
  • It is intended for spacecraft mission analysis, visualization, operation, and support, highlighting its use in space-related applications.
  • Open MCT provides an extensible plugin system for integrating with existing ground systems. This adaptability enables it to support a wide range of missions, including non-space applications.
  • E2E test initiative with open MCT is essential to any software development process, and open MCT makes it easy to test your mission control system.

This article will take you through what E2E testing is, E2E test initiative goals, what is mission control technologies, and more. Have a look and keep reading to know more.

What is E2E Testing?

E2E test initiative with open MCT is a method of testing the entire software product from start to finish to ensure that the application flow behaves as expected. It specifies the product's system dependencies and guarantees that all integrated components function as intended.

The primary goal of end-to-end (E2E) testing is to simulate the end user's experience while validating the system under test and its components for integration and data integrity.

These days, software systems are complicated and interconnected and comprise many smaller systems. If one of the subsystems fails, the entire software system may fail. It is a significant risk that can be avoided through end-to-end testing. With that being said, let us move on to our next topic.

Benefits of E2E Testing With Open MCT

E2E test initiative with open MCT is more reliable and widely used because of the following advantages:

E2E Testing Applies to Many Groups as Well

  • It benefits developers because the majority of the testing is delegated to others.
  • It is helpful to testers because writing tests that verify real-world behavior allows them to avoid problems and achieve a greater sense of accomplishment.
  • Managers appreciate it because user simulation tests show how a failing test would affect the user.

E2E Test Initiative Goals

As we have gone through what E2E testing is and its benefits, here are the initiative goals it offers:

1. Increase Test Coverage

Tracking your code coverage and aiming to increase it with the community's help.

2. Contribute to Open Source

Allow the testing community to contribute directly to this NASA open-source project.

3. Knowledge

Assisting people in learning from the community represents new approaches to old Playwright testing practices.

Performing E2E Test Initiative With Open MCTPerforming E2E Test Initiative With Open MCT

How to Perform E2E Test Initiative With Open MCT?

To start the NPM and get open MCT to run on port 8080, you must first install the NPM and run the git clone through the development guide in a terminal window.

Next, make a demo of a plot object overlay. A plot is one tool you can use to visualize data. The final step is to create an example telemetry object after the project has been successfully edited and saved.

To proceed to the next step, you must use the playwright CodeGen tool to carry out the same action as the playwright. This method allows you to record every move a mission control operator would take to produce a similar layout as a series of recorded playback steps. This is how the E2E test initiative with open MCT is performed.

Some Test Requirements

  1. Shut down any terminals serving up a local instance.
  2. Open debug mode and run the example test.


  • You should mimic operator behavior with the playwright to interact with open MCT exactly as a mission control operator would.
  • With the help of the CodeGen tool, it is simple to begin writing tests and debug them using the debug flag to step through each trial and see it in action.
  • Open MCT incorporates continuously improving internal best practices during the onboarding procedure.
  • An illustration of how to test.fixme and test.stubs interact.

What is Mission Control Technologies?

A mission control technology center (MCC, also known as a flight control center or operations center) is a facility that manages space flights from launch to landing or the end of the mission. It is part of the ground segment of spacecraft operations.

A team of flight controllers and other support personnel uses telemetry to monitor all aspects of the mission and send commands to the vehicle via ground stations.

Representatives from the attitude control system, power, propulsion, thermal, attitude dynamics, orbital operations, and other subsystem disciplines may support the mission from an MCC.

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AppSierra is a Testing Machine!

AppSierra is a platform with software testingservices that, when coupled with the open MCT tool, helps to increase the efficiency and accuracy of e2e testing more than ever! AppSierra is easy to use, letting testers get up and running quickly and easily.

Furthermore, it has a wide range of features, making it an ideal platform for many testing needs. In addition, AppSierra supports a wide variety of programming languages. As a result, it is easy to integrate AppSierra with the open MCT tool.

The specialists at AppSierra understand that the e2e testing process is necessary and plays an essential role in ensuring the safety of the software used by millions of people. They have developed an easy-to-use testing platform perfect for internal and external testing.

The following are the services provided by AppSierra:

1. Quality Engineering

2. Digital Assurance

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In conclusion, performing the E2E test initiative with open MCT is simple and efficient. With the help of the CodeGen tool, it is simple to begin writing tests and debug them using the debug flag to step through each trial and see it in action.

This article has got you through all the points you need to know about open MCT, E2E testing, benefits, uses, and a full tutorial. So good luck with testing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. When do we perform the E2E test initiative with open MCT?

In the software development lifecycle (SDLC), end-to-end testing is a methodology used to evaluate an application's performance and functionality in real-world settings using data representative of actual usage. The objective is to create a simulation of a complete real-world usage scenario.

Q2. What are the four different system testing types?

The four main testing stages that must be finished before a program is authorized for use are unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing.

Q3. How do I disable mission control on a Mac?

You can also disable keyboard shortcuts by going to the Apple icon > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control and unchecking every box.

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