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Everything You Should About Your First Fishing App


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If you think fishing is just catching a fish near a lake or a river, you’re wrong. Anyone who loves angling will agree with me. Angling is fishing using a rod and an angle (hook) at the tip. So don’t get confused between the two. Today, even your mighty smartphone can help you catch a fish just like a rod and salted baits. Shocked? Using technology, you can create a fishing app, software, and guess what, even a fishing website! And let me tell you, you won’t regret it. 

For an app, if you need a reference, look into the Fishbrain app. It is completely dedicated to fishing and angling. Hence, in today’s blog, I’ll illustrate how to build an amazing fishing app like Fishbrain, the best app to date. 

So without further delay, let’s start.

How To Build A Fishing App Like FishBrain?

Fishing App
Fishing App

Do you know at present, the total valuation of the Fishbrain app is $28 million. Therefore, from now onwards, don’t relate fishing to only catching a fish. Think out of the box and come up with an app similar to this. But how? Read further. First, you should know what your app will do and how it will assist the fishermen. This is because there are several things to consider before going out fishing. You can develop an app that can:

  • Guide the user about the different knots, baits, different species of fish, etc.
  • Provide a route according to the fishing calendar.

Apart from these two, you can also develop a social app where anyone can post pictures of their catch. This is what Fishbrain is about. Once done, contact an app development company, describe all your needs, and just relax.

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Must-Have Features In A Fishing App

The following features are a must in every fishing app.

1. Fishing Forecast:

The app must notify the user about the optimal conditions for fishing. Plus, the app must also provide information regarding the weather forecast of the region. Remember, fishes are too moody like us!!

2. Fish Species:

The app must teach about different species of fishes and how to catch each. 

3. Gears List:

No, for the modern fishes, only a rod with a hook and food isn’t enough. You need something extra and the app must help you with that. The app must present a list of all the gears one should carry while going fishing.

4. Tide Predictions:

All anglers know that besides the weather forecast, tide predictions are also important.

5. Picture Gallery:

Your fishing app is incomplete without this. The app should contain a picture gallery where everyone can store and share the pictures of their catch.

6. Lunar Phase:

Do you know that the moon’s phasing impacts the fish’s location underwater? So, the app should help the angler to track the moon’s condition & phasing.

7. Rain Conditions:

Although rain has nothing to do with fishing, your app must predict the chances of rain on the day devoted to fishing. This is beneficial for both, one who prefers fishing under the rain and one who just wants to avoid fishing on a rainy day.

Best Fishing Apps Of 2020

Below is the list of the top fishing apps of 2020.

  1. Fishidy
  2. Pro Angler
  3. Navionics
  4. FishHunter HD
  5. Deeper Sonar
  6. FishAngler
  7. Fish Rules
  8. Fish Track
  9. Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time
  10. iSolunar
  11. Ikijime Tool
  12. Fishing Knots Lite

We recommend that you go through these apps to understand their working features, and everything else. This will help you in enhancing the functionality of your app in return.

Pro Tip: Developing a fishing app compatible with wearables and IoT is an added advantage over other apps.


Why should I develop a fishing app? Let me answer this for you. Everyone should follow their passion. If you’re passionate about fishing, you definitely need to explore the fishing space. Even if you aren’t passionate about it, you can leverage huge profits from this business idea. Good luck!

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