How Does Instagram Algorithm Works? Know It All!


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SEO to social media, algorithms determine who sees the content you publish and who does not. As these algorithms modify marketing strategies might become less effective. Your approach on each platform needs to evolve constantly. In particular, posting regularly on Instagram with correct hashtags won’t ensure that our content will reach its intended audience. Instead, we need to examine how does Instagram algorithm works for bouncing up the approach to Instagram marketing.

How does Instagram algorithm works?

Before knowing the working, we need to know “What is Instagram Algorithm”?. The latest Instagram algorithm indicates the order of posts users view when they are scrolling down their feed. It privatizes posts promoting the most relevant ones towards the top and offering them the most visibility based on particular signs. 

In June 2018, Instagram released information presenting some of the different circumstances that the algorithm considers when raising private content in a person’s field.

While it becomes essential to note that the new algorithm subjected to change, the three main ranking factors singled out can still help you in re-informing your Instagram strategy:

Relationship with the user

If an individual user has communicated with a lot of our past content, they will be more likely to view your future content. It makes regular repeat engagement on your posts relevant for building a loyal audience.

Interest the user has conveyed

The signal is based on the condition if the user interacts with other related posts and users who you also join with related contents are more prone to see the post.

The recency of the post

While Instagram’s simplistic sequential feed is a thing of, the past timelines are still critical. More new posts are being viewed and promoted to the top of the field, while older posts will show up below.

How does instagram algorithm works?

What engagements are most important to the Instagram algorithm?

People might wonder how all these aspects of Instagram will affect their Instagram marketing strategy. So let’s find What engagements are most important to the Instagram algorithm? for approaching to reach more of our customers:


More frequently, Instagram wants people to spend more time on the app because we all enjoy it in a meaningful way, not just because we cannot stop scrolling. Therefore, the algorithm strikes a post from accounts that a user already communicates. For brands and creators, this indicates that focusing on community engagement is vital.


If users enjoy certain types of posts in the past, the algorithm is more likely to view the datatype of the post to them in the future. For example: If a user associates with a verified business account more, they will be more likely to see a post from those accounts. Suppose they watch a lot of videos on the same deal. People who engage with posts like ours are more likely to see our posts. The algorithm needs to provide people with what they want.


More recent posts are likely to be forced to the top of people’s feeds. It indicates that posting when your audience is online is essential.

Other factors that influence individuals Instagram users feed include:

  1. Frequency of use
  2. Session time
  3. Following accounts


If we are an endless scroller, our feed will look more ordered since Instagram shows us the best post since our last visit. If we view our Instagram account less often,  Instagram will classify our feed into what Instagram thinks we will like instead of chronologically showing us things.


If we follow many people on Instagram, then Instagram has more choices to choose from, so we will not see all of the posts from every account. It could be worth regularly illuminating inactive followers. If a massive percentage of our following is fixed, they would be producing more harm than good for your account’s algorithmic ranking.


If we spend a lot of time on Instagram, we will see more posts as Instagram burrows deep into its catalog. If we spent enough time on Instagram, we could even run out of new content to see. Once this occurs, the algorithm will serve us suggested contents from new accounts based on your previous synergies. However, if we only spend a few minutes on the app, we will get days highlights from the algorithm.

How Instagram story algorithm works?

Instagram stories that appear at the origin of your feed are from accounts that you engage with the most, whether it’s through likes, comments, story views, reactions, or DM’s.

A lot of focus on timelines is required in the Instagram stories algorithm as it wants to make sure that it is always showing us the latest stories from our favorite accounts. If we regularly connect with a budget, their news stories will not be into our feed every time they post, even if we have caused all their information from the previous day.

By posting Instagram stories more often, we have a better chance to reach view verse as the browser their daily stories, and the more views we get, the better our ranking will be. It is how the Instagram story algorithm works.

How Instagram reels algorithm works?

So now, coming to reels, let’s know how Instagram reels algorithm works. For Instagram reels, the algorithm is very similar to the Instagram feed algorithm. The content is usually privatized based on the accounts we interact with the most and the types of posts we typically engage. Besides the home page, Instagram also suggests reels and relevant explore pages.

It is based on what Instagram thinks we will like, decided by their machine learning model. So how can we give our reels the best chance of being seen by new and existing audiences? We always need to share them in our main Instagram feed and include many hashtags for promoting their discoverability.

Answer to the question “How the Instagram algorithm works?” has been stated clearly. Whereas the algorithm does not favor images or videos, always develop a strong video presence. Video contents are more popular and continue to grow more for capturing the user’s attention. Users are more prone to share video content for retaining messages communicated through videos. To gain the most value from this Trend, take advantage not only on Instagram but across all social media channels.

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