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Protractor software testing

Key Takeaways -

  • Protractor Testing Framework: Used widely for enhancing Angular application performance.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: AppSierra simplifies testing processes and provides tailored solutions for Angular applications.
  • Understanding Protractor: Learn how Protractor software testing functions.

Are you worried about your Protractor testing framework holding you back? Is your angular app failing to reach its full potential due to a lack of expertise? Ever since the Protractor reached its end-of-life, it become a headache for Protractor users to keep up with the ever-evolving browsers. 

If you need more expertise to affect your organization then this blog might have the solution you are looking for - Protractor automation services. This open-source automation testing framework supports both non-angular and Angular applications. 

However, since Protractor can test advanced HTML attributes, it is very convenient to test Angular JS. If you are too tired of clunky E2E testing and need someone to handle the Protractor software testing, then we have the right solution for you. Enter AppSierra’s Protractor testing services.

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Why use Protractor software testing?

Protractor as you know is an end-to-end test framework for Angular JS applications. It works in conjunction with Selenium to provide you with an automated test infrastructure to simulate a user’s interaction with your Angular application. 

Selenium is a popular web browser automation tool that is frequently used for end-to-end testing. So you may be wondering why not use selenium WebDriver alone? Well firstly, because a Protractor is a Node app. So, it benefits from huge packages that are available through nodes. 

Further, its biggest advantage is its automatic waiting. With Protractor software testing, there is no need for you to add sleep and wait to your tests when you are waiting for the elements on a page. The Protractor will execute the next step once the page completes its pending tasks. 

Consequently, Protractors reduced the testing time by decreasing sleep and wait time. Protractor software testing has many advantages, especially when it comes to Angular apps. Since Protractors were basically built by the angular team, they can be used for the maintenance of software tests. 

So if your company is trying to implement a solid QA strategy, a Protractor can help with that. For example, when locating DOM elements, the Protractor makes use of the Agular-specific locators, resulting in tests that are more stable.

The next section will discuss its various features to further emphasize the importance of Protractor software testing.

What are some of the most important features of Protractors testing?

JavaScript has been used in almost all web applications. So as the application grows so does its size and complexity. In such a situation it becomes difficult for testers to test the application for various scenarios. 

Moreover, some testers may even find capturing the web elements in the AngularJS application difficult despite using Selenium and JUnit web drivers. At times like this Protractor testing consultant may come in handy. Here are some features of Protractors that make them so useful for you:

Angular-specific locators

Protractors have extended support of angular-specific locators. Therefore, you don’t have to create a complex XPath for angular locators. Since Protractors already have these ready for you can simply just by.model, by.repeater, etc.

Non-angular and angular application support

Protractor software testing as we have mentioned before supports both angular and non angular applications. Therefore, even if one part of your application and another is not, you can still use the Protractors framework to conduct full end-to-end test automation.

Cross-browser testing

In Protractors software testing, you can run the script through multiple browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc. Protractors support cross-browser testing, making it easy and less time-consuming.

Headless Browser

A headless browser does not have a graphical user interface. Protractor also supports this type of browser and includes anything that can be automated to save time and effort during the software development lifecycle.

Parallel Execution

If you have a large number of test cases, running them sequentially will consume a lot of time. Luckily, Protractor software testing supports parallel execution so that you can run test cases in multiple browser instances. Hence, more cases will be executed in half the time.


As noted before Protractor is a node.js application and can utilize a wide range of packages available in the node. Therefore, with Protractor software testing you can extend the framework and add additional features by simply installing the node package. For example, if you need an HTML report, all you have to do is to use the Jasmine HTML reporter.

Cloud testing platforms

Protractor software testing supports major cloud testing platforms like and SpaceLabs. So, Protractor testing consultants can help you run specs on multiple browsers and platforms.

Reporting plugins

When you compare a non-node.js open sources automation framework to Protractor you will find that the latter allows you to configure reports easily.

Automatic waiting

Another important feature of the Protractor is its automated waiting features. With Protractor software testing you no longer need to add waits and sleep in code. Therefore, you no longer need to wait for the web pages to sync while using Protractor.

Aside from these Protractor software testing also supports multiple assertion libraries, control flow, various IDEs, and Editors. Additionally, it also supports CI/CD. Moving on, the next section will focus on the various benefits of Protractor software testing.

What are the benefits of Protractor software testing

Testing is one of the most important aspects of software development. For a long time, Protractor has been a popular choice for writing E2E browser tests. Here are a few reasons why Protractor software testing is so popular:

  • Realistic testing: End-to-end testing as you mimic how the user interacts with your application. Protractor can provide you with feedback that no other type of software testing can.
  • Asynchronous testing: One of the big advantages of relying on Protractor software testing is that it supports asynchronous testing. Hence making testing more quick and efficient.
  • Well suited for angular: Protractor as you know was basically made for angular applications. Therefore it can naturally use strategies that result in more robust tests.
  • Open-source: Protractor is an open-source tool, therefore interested users can easily see how the project evolves.
  • Easy Installation and Setup: Since Protractor is a Node.js app, you can easily install it via npm and get it ready quickly.

Now that you know the various benefits of Protractor software testing you must also know its disadvantages. The next section will discuss this in greater detail so keep reading.

What are the disadvantages of Protractor software testing?

Without waiting any further let’s directly take a look at the various disadvantages of Protractors:

  • Limited Scope: Protractor as you know primarily focuses on angular JS. This limits Protractor use in border web applications, making it one of its biggest disadvantages.
  • Performance limitation: Several testers have noticed Protractors having performance issues in older browsers like Internet Explorer.
  • Steeper learning curve: Protractor software requires an in-depth understanding of angular specific aspects and may require additional learning for those who are unfamiliar with the framework.
  • Reliance on selenium: Protractors rely on Selenium so much that any underlying issues in selenium can affect its performance.
  • Dependence on JavaSript: Protractor is a JavaScript tool. So if you want to go further with Protractor software testing you would need to know the language.
  • Does not support codeless test automation: Protractor is a code-based testing tool, therefore it will not support codeless test automation. This could be a huge issue if you have testers, analysts, etc who perform tests and lack coding skills.

The benefits of using Protractor software testing are many, but despite the various advantages, it could not save the Protractor from getting deprecated. Although the active development of Protractors ended in December 2022. 

It still continues to be supported with critical security and compatibility fixes through the community. But as of September 2023, the status of Protractor has officially come to End of Life.

Despite this if you still need assistance with your Protractor testing framework we have a good solution for you - AppSierra. To know more about this solution check out the next section.

Why Choose our Protractor Automation services?

Despite Protractor's end-of-life status if you are still invested in Protractor software testing then we might be of use to you. Our QA consultant can provide you with their expertise and knowledge to help you maintain your Protractor-based testing framework. Here are a few reasons why you should our Protractor software testing services:

  • Cost reduction: Building and maintaining an in-house team requires investment in technology, tools, experts, etc. So by relying on AppSierra, you can significantly cut costs on all of these expenses.
  • Expertise: It's quite challenging to find and retain qualified Protractor testers. But with our help, you will have access to a pool of experienced testers who can assist you with all your needs and requirements.
  • Scalability: If your Protractor software testing needs fluctuate from time to time, don’t worry. With AppSierra you can easily scale up and down the service without having to hire or fire staff.
  • Effective testing: We use best testing practices and methodologies to ensure fast and efficient testing. Regardless of how complex and challenging your project is, we are confident our expert can handle every situation efficiently.
  • Clear communication: We establish clear communication to ensure both our experts and clients are on the same page when it comes to goals, requirements, etc.


Successful Protractor software testing requires both expertise and experience. If your business is still relying on the Protractor testing framework, then it's time you find a good company like AppSierra to help and support you. 

With a reliable company by your side, you will face significantly fewer issues with the testing process. And if you need help moving from Protractor to other tools, Appsierra will always be available for your assistance.

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