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Key Factors Affecting The Test Estimation Of Selenium Automation Project

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Selenium Automation Project

Planning and estimation are the two most important aspects of the software development lifecycle. In this blog, we will discuss factors affecting the test estimation of selenium automation, software development lifecycle, automation tool, and framework tools for building a framework. 

We can interpret that in the software industry, there are no bulletproof procedures for doing anything. Since every project is limited and has several sets of environmental factors and complexity, executing the estimation and planning strategy should be a collective effort of the individual teams with adequate interventions of management support and seniors.

Estimation can not only be performed for the manual testing process but in this period of automation, estimation techniques are pertained to test automation as well. Presently Selenium is gaining popularity and momentum in the market. Now let’s look at some factors affecting the estimation of selenium automation which should be taken into consideration.

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Factors Affecting the Estimation of Selenium Automation

The various factors affecting the estimation of selenium automation are explained below:

1. Scope of the Project

Scope typically means recognizing accurate test cases for automation. You should apply the “Divide and rule” technique to achieve it. Then break your application into small modules and examine each of them to come up with suitable test cases for automation.

Let’s look at the steps included are:

  • Recognize the diverse factors which will form the ground of identifying the candidate test cases.
  • Break the application into tinier modules
  • Analyze each module to recognize the candidate test cases
  • Calculate ROI

2. The Complexity of the Application

Let’s look at the steps involved in the complexity of the application are as follows:

  • Determine the size the application establishes based on the number of test cases that require to be automated.
  • Size complexity through the Fibonacci cycle.
  • Recognize the verification point and checkpoint of every test case

Now we have to define the definition of the big, medium, and small-sized applications. This definition varies from an individual or a group viewpoint. And how you categorize your application relies on the number of test cases.

3. Use of Supporting Tools or Technologies

Here are the steps involved in the use of supporting tool below:

  • Identify the framework and automation desires
  • Based on the needs, analyze and identify the tools to be utilized
  • Identify the dependencies or significance of using the tool.

Selenium alone is not enough to create a framework or finish the automation. Selenium (Web driver) will just script the test case, however, there are other assignments as well, for example, tracking the logs, reporting the result, taking screenshots, etc. 

To fulfil these you require independent tools that will be incorporated with your framework. So it is significant here to recognize these supporting entities which will best suit your necessity and will enable you to get a positive ROI.

4. Executing the Framework

Let’s look at the steps to execute the framework below:

  • Identify the input, i.e. the pattern in which information is fed into script and output i.e. reports or test outcomes of your automation suite.
  • You should design your input records. This may vary from a simple text file to a complex excel file. It is essentially the file which will have your test data.
  • Design the folder structure based on your input parameters and execute the reporting feature
  • Determine or implement logger in your framework
  • Enforce the framework tools for building a framework

Test Estimation Of Selenium Automation

Importance of Frameworks

  • Test automation with Selenium involves more than just scripting.
  • Various requirements include tracking test results, reading data from files, and managing logs.
  • A robust framework is essential to manage these requirements effectively.

Challenges in Selenium Automation

  • Selenium is not a standalone tool but a collection of jar files.
  • Configuration is necessary rather than installation.
  • Selenium alone is insufficient for building a comprehensive framework.

Significance of Framework Building

  • The strength of the framework impacts automation efforts significantly.
  • A strong framework facilitates easier enhancement and maintenance, especially in Agile environments.
  • Incorporating tests into sprints is seamless with a well-designed framework.

Estimation Considerations

  • Designing a robust framework should be a critical aspect of estimation.
  • Complex applications may require breaking down framework building into a separate work breakdown structure (WBS) for accurate estimation.

5. Learning & Training

Learning Selenium is quite different than learning another automation tool. It essentially includes learning a programming language than just a scripting language. Though script language enables while creating a framework like you wish to write a script that would invoke your automated scripts after achieving the environment setting transformations. 

Continuous Learning Process

  • Learning requirements may evolve as the framework progresses.
  • Additional technologies may need to be incorporated based on the project phase.

Parallel Learning and Planning

  • Learning activities can be conducted simultaneously with project planning.
  • A structured plan ensures alignment and clarity among team members.

Changing Perspectives

  • Testers may initially be hesitant about learning programming languages.
  • Recognizing the importance of programming skills enhances understanding of automation and application behavior.

Benefits of Learning Programming

  • Improves testers' understanding of automation and application internals.
  • Enhances the ability to identify and debug issues effectively.

6. Environment Setup

Environment set up deals with:-

  • Setting up the code in the test environment
  • Setting up code in the production environment
  • Writing scripts for triggering the automated tests.
  • Developing the logic for reporting
  • Inaugurating the frequency of running the scripts and developing logic for its execution
  • Building text/excel files for entering the test data and test cases

7. Coding/Scripting and Review

Before you begin writing your tests, these are the two prerequisites that you should keep in mind:

  • Candidate test cases should be handy
  • Framework is ready

You should recognize the different actions that your web application takes. Take one test case at a time, and identify what all actions that specific test case does and tally hours consequently for each test case.

 The aggregate of all the hours for the whole test suite will offer you the exact number. Provisions should be present there for “Review” as well. The reviews are merely the code review which can be accomplished either by a developer or a peer. 

Pair programming is the perfect option which is rapid, but if it is not feasible, based on the available resources review method, hours should be given for it. As we have discussed the factors affecting the estimation of selenium automation, do not forget to include Management provision and some buffer time in your ultimate Selenium automation estimation. 

The best-proven way to perform any estimation is to follow the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) mechanism. This honestly serves the objective of enforcing the automation estimation needs.

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