20 Best Selenium Alternative for 2022


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Selenium is an integrated open-source evaluation tool that can perform functionality, regression and charge testing on various browsers and frameworks on web applications. Selenium is considered one of the finest tools, but it also does have some drawbacks. There are some very strong contenders to Selenium available in the market. Below provided is a curated list of extremely vetted Selenium alternative.

Best Selenium Webdriver Alternative & Competitors

Here are the 10 best selenium webdriver alterative for 2022:


With Ranorex Studio, an all-in-one tool for cross-platform test automation, over 14,000 customers worldwide accelerate testing. Ranorex is simple for beginners but efficient for automation veterans with a complete IDE, with a codeless Click and Go GUI. Includes BDD, CI/CD, source control, test detection, and defect monitoring solutions, and more for full toolchain test automation. This is considered as the best alternative of Selenium.


Rapise – Scriptless Web, Smartphone & Desktop Applications Test Automation. Rapise checks everything, be it the internet, smartphone, desktop software, APIs.


TestProject is the very first publicly available method for conveniently testing Selenium. We can immediately begin experimenting with a cloud-based interface developed over Selenium. TestProject’s SDK is established to developers and compliant to existing Selenium code, while testers will enjoy the Selenium AI-powered codeless recording unit of TestProject. Twice think about building and maintaining a Selenium platform before wasting precious time – TestProject is now completely FREE available!.


An alternative of Selenium, Cypress is a web-based open-source testing solution. In contrast with Selenium, this instrument is closely associated with recent technologies.


iMacros is a web research recording and replication platform. Repetitive work may also be automated by iMacros. This method is used for research:

  1. Automation of the browser
  2. Checking of the Internet
  3. Extraction of data


The Behavior Guided Development (BDD) research platform is open-source.


  1. The assessments can be interpreted with the use of BDD, company, and IT teams.
  2. Cucumber merges standards and evaluation papers into a single entity
  3. Continuously posted with strong support from the group.


Subject7 is an automation platform that provides the functionality of full test automation through several commands. Used as an alternative of Selenium, these commands could be found through a web interface that is simple to use. Each order imitates the problems of typical industry packages such as Selenium, Appium, SikuliX, JMeter, ZAP, and others in its imitation of consumer actions.

selenium alternative

UFT (Unified Functional Test)

UFT is also regarded as the most comprehensive commercial test automation platform, the QTP(Quick Test Professional). Produced initially by Mercury Interactive, it was subsequently purchased by HPE and now is operated by MicroFocus. It is one of the better selenium alternatives for both practical and regression experiments.


For automatic acceptance and regression checks, Serenity BDD is a Selenium Webdriver Alternative. The test report records and explains practical test coverage is one of the strongest methods of Selenium alternative.


  1. It is one of the best Selenium Testing Alternative substitutes for each test stage, providing comments/narratives and screenshots.
  2. Total lifetimes by Conditions or Publication of test results.
  3. This method for selenium substitution helps with the writing of cleaner automation code.

IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester is an automated tool for functional and regression testing. It is one of the best software for Selenium Testing Alternative with functional, regression, GUI, and data-driven testing automated testing functions. It supports a range of frameworks such as Java, Siebel, and SAP.


  1. Screenshots visual editing
  2. Rational function testers allow the development teams to build related scripts for ease of re-use and enhancement of performance.

Galen framework

Galen framework was initially presented for the testing layout of web-applications in a real browser. Today, the research process has been completely functional. For viewing and interface checking for web applications, this automation research tool can be combined with Selenium.


  1. HTML-based screenshot error reporting
  2. Easy to write/read syntax
  3. It offers multiple browsers as one of the best alternatives of Selenium


In Windows, Mac, or Linux/Unix, SikuliX automates everything displayed on a computer. It is one of the best alternatives of selenium to recognize and monitor GUI components through OpenCV-powered image processing.


  1. For routine jobs, SikuliX may be used.
  2. It can be used for everyday use to simplify a job or a desktop/web program.
  3. Software or web is built for research.


Watir is a Ruby library open source for test automation. It is a rival of Selenium that facilitates functional Site testing and regression.


  1. It supports the web application regardless of what it’s in.
  2. It supports several browsers on various platforms.
  3. Watir is a Ruby library family, but it helps every other technology
  4. It uses Ruby instead of a proprietary vendor script as a modern full functionality scripting language

Telerik Test Studio

Test Studio is a software automation application created by Advancement. It embraces automation programs including AJAX, HTML5, JavaScripts, Silverlight, WPF, MVC, iOS, Android, PHP, and a platform that can be used as a recording and replay program.


  1. API and charging monitoring can be done
  2. The functionality of Robust Object Repository.
  3. Continuous integration supports.


Screenster is a research tool for cloud-based UIs. It is used for web and website visual regression checking. It is one of the best alternatives for selenium Web drivers for catching and saving a screenshot of any move.

Threat Stack

Cloud management uses this best-automated testing program for various systems, such as behavioural analysis, access control, and threat intelligence, and so on. As a cloud protection management provider, it is used as a mechanism for billing itself.


This automated testing tool helps enhance software quality by detecting and reducing different glitches, vital missions. It helps to boost ROI, too.

Sauce Labs

Parallel execution is assisted by the functionality of this automatic test application. This cloud-based platform delivers comprehensive solutions and facilitates the specifications based testing process. It offers scalability and reliability for CI/CD.


Rainforest is a new automation research platform that lets us foresee customer challenges before technology impacts. It does this one at the speed of prolonged delivery. It makes it easier for us to construct test cases. It is one of the most precise research devices on a wide variety of platforms in all the test cases.

Silk Test 

Silk Test is the best automation tool for regression and functionality testing in the best possible way. Object-based implementation is supported by it. The apps, namely mobile, Java, DOM, Firefox, and several more, can be tested with various technologies.


A lot of Selenium Automation Testing Tools are available. Some are cheap, whereas others are pricey. Some of these techniques have been developed for a long time, and some have recently made them to the market. Each tool has specific features and is exclusive. Hitting to the best selenium alternative, now, It’ll be more convenient to select a suited option according to your preference.

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