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Best Practices of Test Automation in Agile

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Test Automation in Agile

Agile methodology holds a prominent position in the realm of the software industry. It helps software companies deliver high-quality apps within less time. However, now, they need new methods to test software in the Agile environment. That is why most software firms employ Agile test automation. So, let us explore the benefits of test automation in Agile software development.

Agile methodology provides limitless benefits for software development companies. It helps the software development team to craft highly functional software products. Therefore, most software companies prefer Agile to build high-quality software apps within their budget. It involves including the testing process throughout the development lifecycle. Hence, most QA teams perform test automation in Agile to optimize the app development process.

Agile automation allows the QA team to test the app throughout production. Therefore, the QA team does not have to wait till the end of the development lifecycle to run the tests. Moreover, an automation approach in Agile enables the team to check if the software product matches the desired performance. However, you will need professional help to execute efficient Agile automation testing.

With the help of leading companies like Appsierra, you will get the finest software testing services. We have highly talented QA specialists to execute the productive testing process. As a result, our company helps build software apps that best suit industrial standards. So, if you need proper guidance for software testing, our company is a perfect choice.

So, in this blog, we will discuss the following series of matters:

  • What are the benefits of test automation in Agile?
  • How do you run automation tests in an Agile set-up?
  • What are the best practices for Agile test automation?
  • What are the core testing types you can automate in Agile?

Let us start.

What are the Core Benefits of Test Automation in Agile?

Most companies prefer the Agile methodology to build software apps since it promises continuous iterations. The manual testing process in Agile takes time to deliver intricate software apps. However, the automated testing process speeds up the development lifecycle. So, let us explore the core benefits of test automation in Agile. They are as follows:

test automation strategy in Agile

High coverage

Test automation in Agile allows the testers to create test suites for the app to speed up the development lifecycle. As a result, the QA team does not have to perform test activities manually. They can use highly efficient automation testing tools. Besides, automation tests let the testers run complex tests across multiple platforms. Hence, you can ensure high test coverage within a limited time.

Fast test execution

The agile approach enables the QA team to perform testing processes throughout the development lifecycle. As a result, agile methodology helps improve the app's quality. It allows the QA team to find defects early in the app development lifecycle. Besides, automation tests speed up the testing process since the QA team can reuse test scripts. Thus, you can save time and deliver the app to the real world on time.

Save costs

Agile automation tests involve initial costs for test tools and set-up. Though test automation in Agile seems to be expensive, it brings more ROI to your business. Besides, since automation tests reduce human efforts, they help save resources in the long run. Also, the Agile automation test ensures long-lasting software apps without any additional costs. Hence, you can accelerate the software testing process and boost higher ROI.

Automate regression testing

The Agile development approach involves continuous improvements. Therefore, the Agile team must ensure the app works accurately in light of these changes. Performing regression testing in Agile is viable to guarantee an error-free software app. It allows the team to re-run the test scripts several times by automating regression testing.

Boost accuracy

Manually testing an app increases the probability of human errors. Hence, it can damage the app's performance. However, test automation in Agile development can ensure an efficient testing process. It allows you to review the app to spot defects. As a result, test automation enables you to enhance the app's performance.


Manual testing services is time-consuming compared to automation testing since the manual test entirely depends on human intervention. However, Agile test automation enables the QA teams to check an app's performance. It allows the team to enhance the timely delivery of software products. Hence, most firms now adopt automation testing in Agile to check the app's quality and future behavior.

How do you Run Automation Tests in Agile Development?

The QA team can run automation tests only on stable software. Therefore, while performing test automation, you must design an efficient agile methodology in automation testing to reach your desired result. So, let us explore the fundamental steps to run automation tests in an agile environment. They are as follows:

Planning for test automation

Agile automation testing requires proper collaboration between the QA and development teams. Efficient participation of the QA and development team enables them to keep up with the client's needs. Besides, Agile is a lean process that allows the team to complete the tasks within short sprints. Hence, the Agile team can design a well-built automation testing plan before working on the project.

Decide test cases to automate

Not all test cases in Agile projects can undergo automated tests. Therefore, the QA team must find test cases for automation. Besides, the Agile approach involves a high volume of requirement changes. However, it can make the code base fragile and vulnerable. Therefore, the Agile team automates core tests to ensure a secure final product.

Run parallel testing

Performing parallel testing in Agile app development is ideal since the Agile approach focuses on continuous delivery. Therefore, the QA team can run tests across multiple platforms while conducting test automation in Agile. As a result, the QA team can run tests quickly without compromising the software quality.

Adopt DevOps integration

DevOps practices involve collaboration between the development and operation teams. Therefore, it allows the QA team to provide regular updates on the testing progress to the development and operation teams. Besides, the testers can integrate automation testing into CI/CD pipelines for effective testing solutions.

Pick the right automation tool

Choosing the right automation tool ensures maximum test coverage. Besides, it reduces the regression testing services time and guarantees timely delivery of products to the real world. Therefore, when you select the tool for test automation in Agile, you must pick the one that ensures positive ROI.

What are the best practices for Agile test automation?

Test automation strategy in Agile has revolutionized the QA industry because of its efficiency. Besides, it guaranteed timely delivery of software products to the real world. However, if you need to implement Agile test automation efficiently, you must require meticulous planning. Extensive planning will help you ensure everything is in place to reach the desired goals. So, let us explore the best practices to run robust Agile test automation. They are as follows:

manual testing process in Agile

Run test-driven development

Agile test automation involves collaboration between the developers and the QA team. As a result, the teams can implement the test-driven development approach to build robust software apps. This approach enables the QA teams to create test scripts before product development. Hence, the QA team does not have to recreate the test scripts whenever there are modifications in the software.

Select the right tool for automation

Test automation in Agile demands best-suited tools for frequent testing. Therefore, the QA team must choose an ideal automated test tool for successful Agile testing. The testing tool must support parallel testing. Besides, it must offer seamless integration capabilities with other platforms for high test coverage.

Execute automation test at the system level

Since Agile testing involves continuous improvement, the app can undergo multiple changes. However, maintaining the app after the modification can be time-consuming. Therefore, most QA teams perform test automation at the system level to save time and costs.

Ensure customer satisfaction

The QA team must ensure the software product fulfills the customer's needs while conducting test automation in Agile. They must also guarantee the product matches the industrial standards. Therefore, the QA team must frequently communicate with the customers to understand their preferences.

What are the core tests you can automate in Agile?

Customers often look for feature-rich software products. Therefore, the QA teams must employ testing techniques that ensure a robust product. With the help of test automation in Agile, they can incorporate the testing process into the development lifecycle. So, given below are the distinct types of automation testing you can implement in Agile development:

Agile methodology in automation testing


Leveraging test automation in Agile allows you to deliver robust software apps. Besides, it supports fast test execution to ensure high test coverage. It enables the testing team to work seamlessly to build flawless software apps. As a result, you will get a secure app that suits your business needs. Nevertheless, you will need proper professional guidance for implementing Agile test automation.

With Appsierra, you will get the best-suited testing services. Our QA team uses cutting-edge tools to execute the well-defined testing process. They closely collaborate with you to understand your business needs. Hence, you will get unique solutions that match your demands. So, contact our QA experts and get matchless testing services.

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