How To Hire Exceptional Software Testers In 2022 : Software Testers Salary & Expectations Explained


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Hiring a software tester isn't a regular task for recruiters. There are no specific university degrees or standard skill sets required for working in the software testing industry. To hire successful software testers, as a recruiter you need to know about this software tester salary, specialization and a lot more to search for a suitable candidate for the position. 

Tips for hiring software tester

Below are the tips for hiring software tester:

Hiring internally

Before starting recruitment, determine if any existing team members are interested in software tester salary hikes and potentially promote them. This is practical for a few reasons:

  1. Current employees are already familiar with the product or service as well as your company's corporate culture.
  2. You may show confidence in your employees and appreciation of their skill set.
  3. You can also so early the great potential of a particular employee and refresh their outlook on the company.
  4. You can lower onboarding costs.

On the other hand, in certain cases, hiring from outside makes more sense. Sometimes your project could benefit from a fresh set of eyes and new approaches to the problems.

Know who you are looking for and list the job accordingly

It all starts with the proper listing, but there are certain distinctions in advertising a testing job that you should consider.

Firstly try and understand if you are looking for an experienced specialist or a newbie tester. A candidate with previous work experience will do the job thoroughly and would be more interested in what differentiates the opportunity you are offering from the rest. An amateur candidate may not be well versed in spotting the job specifics right off the bat.

Both these cases suggest that listing generalized duties won't be necessary for every candidate. The ones with no experience will most likely be discouraged by the responsibility. Those with wild experience will be repulsed by the absence of in-depth project details.

The job description should be about daily tasks the test will be solving, the team structure, and your company's methodologies in use. try to write about exactly what you need in an automated software tester to fit into the development process, emphasize the significance of their role in it, and mention whom they will report to. It doesn't indicate you should exclude technical requirements and basic quality from the job listing but you should concentrate more on the importance of cultural fit and make it clear what a regular working day will consist of.

Also while writing the software testing job listing know that there are no specific academic degrees in quality assurance and testing. People who have a solid technical background in a similar field with no relevant education may not understand they are a good fit. Testers majorly learn on their software tester jobs and this should be clearly stated on the job description for an entry-level position.

Furthermore, you should be specific about whether you want the individual to be an automation engineer or a manual tester. Mentioning this information will spare you the effort of interviewing someone who is unqualified for the position in the first place.

In-depth interviews

One of those positions where technical skills are best exhibited in real-world situations is that of the tester. One of the most suited approaches for this is immersive interviewing. Invite a candidate to join the team for a few hours of real-world work experience after basic interview questions and a polite talk. This way, you'll be able to examine how the applicant adjusts to their surroundings, how they respond to and solve real-world problems, all while demonstrating their technical ability.

If you are employing an experienced software tester salary, you may thoroughly examine their technical abilities by assigning somewhat difficult work. For example, you may work with your current team members to fix an ongoing issue on the project. Make sure they are at ease before beginning the assignment and don't overwhelm them with too many difficult challenges.

Testers must also be tested

If immersive interviewing is not an option for you, you must still discover ways to adequately assess the prospect. If you are hiring for entry-level employment, you can offer them a basic assignment. For instance, ask them to come up with all conceivable choices for testing user authentication in a mobile app in 15 minutes. This allows you to see how quickly the applicant replies, if they ask proper questions and whether they have any theoretical foundation to back up their response.

What soft skills should you search for? What will help increase software tester salary for perspective recruitee?

When employing software testers, you should look for specific soft talents in addition to technical skills. Let's take a look at them one by one.

Pay attention to the detail: This is perhaps the most apparent, yet it should never be disregarded. A person who is born with a natural proclivity for quality assurance software tester and testing will always be thorough. Although certain tasks may need specific test cases to be followed, an excellent tester will constantly strive to go above and beyond the requirements.

Self-organization: Testers always have multiple tasks to solve, and it is one of the immense importance that they can prioritize. The lack of this result could result in ineffective and slow work.

Out-of-the-box thinking: Particularly it is relevant in the context of manual testing. Majorly after launch bugs appear because of a string of unexpected user actions and only artistic testers can anticipate such situations. A good software tester won’t just report bugs but look for the root cause of the problem.

Determination: Bug reproduction is a challenging task for a tester's face. It takes infinite tries before a tester will be able to recreate the conditions for a bug to reappear. Hiring the one who shows persistence while solving these particular problems could deliver tangible benefits to your project.

Adaptivity: The environment of the IT industry is changing rapidly and quality assurance software tester is not an exception. Your candidates should be able to adjust to volatile deadlines, workflow changes, and any last-minute requirements all while staying in touch with the development team.


Hiring software testers and offering the huge pay check that software tester salary entitles differ from hiring for other positions and there are various differences to be considered. Nevertheless, careful arrangements for the hiring process could make wonders. Make it clear what kind of test is required for the job and always pay attention to the soft skill of candidates. Opt for internal promotion if possible and don't ever undervalue the power of cultural fit.

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