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Big Data Testing

Maximize the ROI from your Big Data Infrastructure through our expert evaluation.

What results do you generate from our Big Data Testing Services?

Unfailing Performance

Make sure that massive data processing and output run smoothly under normal and high loads.

Data Integrity

Reduce your ecosystem's risk of data loss, corruption, and pollution.

Usability and Accessibility

Your big data analytics are presented in terms of data management and displayed from the end-users point of view.

360-degree Security

Defend your architecture from loopholes and breaches.

Continuous Monitoring

With testing automation, you can always keep an eye on the quality of your big data.

Expert Guidance

Get extensive test reports as well as actionable tips on how to improve your big data solution.

Appsierra conducts End-to-End Big Data Testing

We use a variety of testing methodologies to evaluate your big data architecture.

Process testing

Appsierra professionals will examine data processing workflows and proper data output to guarantee that data is appropriately removed from its source and placed in storage.

Performance testing

We will evaluate data throughput, memory usage, and operation implementation time during the various phases of big data performance testing and put your system through its paces to test its capacity limits.

Security testing

To test the system's resilience to various forms of bugs, like malware, viruses, our team will assess the data sources, key management infrastructure, encryption standards, and server and cloud storage.

Architecture testing

We assist in identifying any redundancies, data flow glitches, and business logic inconsistencies. Our professionals will conduct testing of your big data infrastructure on a large scale.

UX/UI testing

We'll examine the UX/UI of your big data visualizations and perform A/B testing to guarantee that the dashboards are user-friendly for both experts and novices.

Test automation

We will automate time-consuming tests with automated big data testing to ensure that your data management touchpoints are monitored 24/7.




Amazon Web Services


We are the God Father of Big Data Technologies

Team Appsierra is experienced in handling multiple tools, structures, and platforms. We are adept at testing big data architectures developed with Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Apache Hadoop, or any of the following combinations

Appsierra is ready to put your Big Data to the test

Enveloping Competency

To tick off every testing feature, Appsierra enlists the help of multi-disciplined big data professionals with varied skillset.

Multi-industry insight

We can design a testing strategy that is perfectly matched with your business needs, thanks to our extensive experience in a variety of industries and sectors.

Data security

Our testing team follows international data protection laws and will adhere to any applicable requirements, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and others, in its solutions.

Always in touch

At all times, the Appsierra team will keep you informed about your testing efforts and progress. We welcome feedbacks and constructive criticism at any time.