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Software Testing Outsourcing – 9 Best Practices To Make You An Asset For The Client

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Software Testing Outsourcing

When the work is allotted to an external vendor or firm without being executed by the internal core team then this procedure is known as “Outsourcing”. QA or Software Testing is one such area that various corporations choose to outsource. In this blog, we will learn about Software Testing Outsourcing, software quality, outsource software testing, software QA outsourcing, and software quality management. 

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Software Testing Outsourcing

Software testing outsourcing is executed by an independent firm or team of testers who were not directly included in the software development methodologies. These independent corporations are usually discovered in a different time zone involving the domestic firm. Software testing outsourcing occurs as most businesses or companies assess it as a non-core activity.

To confidently live in the modern competitive world, we should persist in upgrading ourselves with the latest technologies. If the method and base are not appropriate, all the practice actions become ineffective. Several of the company owners feel that software testing is an ordinary and money-wasting activity but in actuality, it is a challenging activity.

Best Practices of Software Testing Outsourcing

Challenges in software testing outsourcing are the understandability of the consumers’ prerequisites. Software testing outsourcing assists in overcoming these challenges and fulfilling the consumers’ requirements.

1. Software Quality

Software quality is characterized as an area of study and practice that defines the suitable aspects of software products. There are two fundamental strategies to software quality i.e. defect management and quality attributes.

Let’s look at the software quality attributes approach. This approach to software quality is adequately illustrated by fixed-quality models, such as ISO/IEC 25010:2011.

This standard depicts a hierarchy of eight quality factors, each formulated of sub-characteristics:

  • Functional suitability
  • Reliability
  • Operability
  • Performance efficiency
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Maintainability
  • Transferability

Outsource software testing mandates a precise work domain. If your client doesn’t give them, then you must elucidate the conditions and compose them down. Do not wait, make it simple for the client to function with you. Both accounts should examine the scope often to check whether there are any disputes or ambiguities or not.

You should become a part of the client’s team, not a different add-on. Understand who the players are, what their patterns are, and their growth record so that you can suit yourself to their procedures. Coordinate with the development team, keep in step with their velocity, and try to harmonize their wisdom.

2. Expedite Communication

Timely communication is needed when outsourcing testing to prevent data asymmetry. Various tools can be utilized like instant messaging MSN, Google Talk, or let’s say email or SMS, shared documents and dashboards, problem tracking systems, screen sharing, configuration management tools, etc. Both sides should decide on the communication channels before the project commences.


3. Emphasize Good Written Language Skills

English is the international language of the corporation. At various times, English is the next language for both the consumer and the outsourcing team. This can be a challenge when communicating over email repeatedly. Steady and useful communication between the client and the outsourced QA testing team is one of the most crucial factors for project accomplishment. You can make sure your communication is complete, concise, and accurate.

4. Be Flexible and Adaptable

Businesses have their workflow and methods. As an outsourcing company, we follow our customers’ QA techniques, so we expect flexible teams to give service to them. The outsourced QA testing team should have the potential to learn modern workflows and procedures very rapidly and be able to adjust to a new work style when working with a fresh client.

5. Be an Expert

You should be the expert in the field that the client wants you to be the specialist i.e. QA and testing. Be or become a domain professional, for instance, financial software. Accentuate your knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge to thoroughly test your customer’s product. And last but not least, become an expert in the customer’s particular application.

6. Understand the Cost Pattern of Your Customer

Your client is software QA outsourcing to you because you can give a benefit more cost-effectively as compared to themselves if they did it. Or perhaps you are delivering expertise that is too expensive to borrow and bring in-house. Comprehending the specific situation for each of your clients will give a chart for you to know if you are pricing yourself out of an employee, or if there is a broader scope of services for you to deliver.

7. Prioritize Communication

Although this is suggested in most of the items on this list, it can’t be overemphasized. Communicate with an objective. Do not just immerse your consumer with data. Communication must be particular. You should make sure the accurate information and examination go to the right person. A developer may acknowledge lots of technical elements whereas the development manager likes to schedule information.

8. Be Noticeable

Not having enough visibility with main managers in your client’s firm can be terrible because you need your value seen by the customer. As the only aspect of the outsourced QA testing team, it probably is difficult to fulfill enormous visibility. Initially, you are required to recognize key managers and then give them regular updates, statuses, and outcomes specifically if they are good. You should visit the client and make it a step to see and converse with those key managers, even if it is barely for a few minutes.

Software Quality Management

Software quality management is a procedure that assures the crucial level of software quality is attained when it arrives at the user so that they are fulfilled by its performance. The procedure includes quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control.

The software testing outsourcing services that XBOSoft delivers give our customers enormous budget flexibility and control while facilitating them to spend for merely the services they require, when they need them, rather than possessing a full-time QA staff. It also carries fresh engineering expertise, an independent eye, and domain experience outside its application. The useful practices documented above are only the tip of the iceberg in how we have created our company and why our clients keep cheering for us.

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