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Top Test Automation Resources To Learn in 2022


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Lack of training poses important barriers for a tester. In general, testers in an organization, once they are demanding, are all suddenly compelled to learn new frames for an automation tool. There may be a certain degree of uncertainty as to how test automation may be learned from and how web apps and mobile applications can rapidly become tested in new technologies.

In this article, we will be covering the top test automation resources and more to help you brush up on the basics of Automation Testing using these in-depth tutorials.

Email newsletters

Newsletters are one of the finest test automation resources to keep up with the newest events in automation testing. If you have subscribed to one, you will receive an e-mail every day containing reviews of the best news, articles, and blogs about the latest trends in automation testing from that particular website or service provider. You only have to provide your email address and subscribe to it.

Workshops and other learning platforms

All kinds of new technology, especially one that is related to coding and scripting, is learned best when you have hands-on experience with coding. Let’s have a look at a few workshops where you can work on a project parallelly while learning. 

Rest assured workshop-OnTestAutomation

Although various courses offer API testing, the majority of them focus on a specific tool. This course offered by Bas Dijkstra teaches you about:

  1. You have to search for items throughout the API test.
  2. API's importance in contemporary applications.
  3. Covering all tools to use them for automated API testing
  4. You can also get to learn API testing by using the REST-Assured library.

Explore with postman-Amber Race

Amber Race is one of the most renowned speakers at the testing guild comics exploratory testers aware of the automation tools they can use through this workshop. This workshop is available for free at GitHub where you can cover the basics and get started with hands-on experience on automated API exploratory testing.


Integration of enterprise applications is usually performed in phases with different interfaces. Nevertheless, if interfaces don't have proper communication, it could lead to lots of unforeseen bugs and business errors. That's why integration testing is important. Citrus is an open-source framework where you can find the answer to how to learn test automation for integration testing of any format or messaging protocol.

Learning test automation by testing blogs

Let's know about some popular automation testing blogs that will help you in learning the basics of automation testing and become a master in test automation for web applications, mobile applications, and more. So you can stay updated about the latest trends and technologies in test automation.


If you are in search of a blog to learn test automation for advanced tutorials that will help you in scaling above the basics of Automation Testing, then guru99 is your solution. The blogs published at guru99 offer a massive arsenal of knowledge concerning automation testing technologies, such as Selenium, Appium, etc. You may add this to your bookmarks by keeping up-to-date with any new trends that will change the industry balance.


LambdaTest, apart from being one of the leading providers of cloud-based cross-browser testing solutions, also maintains a blog section that consists of blog posts and a learning hub consisting of extensive guides on all common technologies from manual to automation testing. Additionally, LambdaTest experiments can also be found in the blog section that will demonstrate cross-browser compatibility issues.


Dzone is another great resource for learning and manufacturing automation resources. Rick Ross, the founder of Dzone, founded it in 1997. Within 12 years, the website has become home to more than 1 million bloggers and has over 70,000 blog posts. 

The automation testing section is very vast, one of the largest. Any software testing professional could share what they know with other users. Every article after being uploaded is thoroughly reviewed by the editorial team of Dzone before it is published. This ensures that only top-quality content is visible to the readers.

Adventures in automation

TJ Maher is here to help you with your work as a manual tester and are prepared to transition to an extensive automation world. The organizer of Boston's testing department developed this blog to teach many friendly test testers who will teach you about the next best thing that you will do very soon with other testing efforts. All posts in this blog are grouped according to categories such as beginners, code examples, Appium, etc.

Community Driven Chat Groups

If, without much expertise, you already work on an automated test tool, what do you do when you get stuck? The answer is forums and chat groups driven by the community. Apart from Stack Overflow, certain forums are only test-driven. Let’s discuss some of them.

Automation Guild

You must register for this via the Automation Guild online conference. Once you do this, you will have many friendly testers who are willing to address any questions or difficulties you face in this busy community.

LinkedIn Automation Testing Groups

Some serious chat groups on LinkedIn don't allow any random blog posts or other off-topic discussions and you can only post there if you have some generic topic about automation testing. Here, all the members can discuss and share their experience in designing test scripts, basic concepts, and new tools used while working with Selenium. This group also majorly focuses on helping testers to implement their best practices at the project and organization level.

Test automation group on Facebook

There isn't a better way of creating a group or forum than having one on one of the largest social media networks. Advanced test automation is the largest group with over 7300 members. The main aim of this group is to share experiences, interview questions, videos, and tutorials about automation tools, testing frameworks, and other operating systems.


Podcasts are wonderful resources for learning about test automation. They will assist you to download and listen to the audio or video material whenever you have time or if an Internet connection is lacking. Let's discuss some of the greatest automation testing podcasts.

Ministry of testing official podcast

The ministry of testing has a huge community of skilled testing professionals and you can see their skills reflected in their official podcast. A wide range of people host this podcast and cover multiple topics in each session.

Test talks

If you know about automated testing blogs, you may have come across Joe Colantonio. Blogs produced by him include so many details on what happens in the automation testing area, also they contain all the newest news. He also began a podcast, Test Talks in 2014. 

Adventures with Selenium

There are many experienced testers as well as the test does one new in this technology. For new people, this podcast is a must to add to your playlist. Experience panelists will be telling you about how they have used selenium in their Automation Testing process. The panel in this podcast will also inform you about the latest software testing tools which the VC community is betting on.


That’s all from our side. We provided the best resources in testing automation. Now you may begin and immerse yourself deeply in the wonderful realm of test automation.







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